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Which of the following quotes best shows that Janie and Phoeby are indeed close friends?


"When she arrived at the place, Pheoby Watson didn't go in by the front gate and down the palm walk to the front door. She walked around the fence corner and went in the intimate gate with her heaping plate of mulatto rice. Janie must be round that side."


"Ah see you is. Gal, you sho looks good. You looks like youse yo' own daughter." They both laughed. "Even wid dem overhalls on, you shows yo' womanhood."


"G'wan! G'wan! You must think Ah brought yuh somethin'. When Ah ain't brought home a thing but mahself."


"Good Lawd Phoeby! Ain't you never goin' tuh gimme dat lil rations you brought me?"


"Well then, we can set right heah where we is an talk."

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