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How does this scene create further suspense?

The pistol and the rifle rang out almost together. The pistol just enough after the rifle to seem its echo. Tea Cake crumpled as his bullet buried itself in the joist over Janie's head. Janie saw the look on his face and leaped forward as he crashed forward in her arms. She was trying to hover him as he closed his teeth in the flesh of her forearm. They came down heavily like that. Janie struggled to a sitting position and pried the dead Tea Cake's teeth from her arm.


It is uncertain whether Tea Cake is dead or alive at the end of this passage.


There is the possibility that Janie, too, was shot and may die.


Janie may have to return to Eatonville now that Tea Cake is dead.


The manner in which he falls upon Janie leaves open the possibility of Janie also getting sick with rabies.


This is the first time Janie has been without a love interest since the beginning of the novel, so the reader is left wanting to know what comes next in Janie's love life.

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