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Which of the following examples illustrates a person engaged in behavior most closely analogous to Mr. Dolphus Raymond's, when he pretends the drink inside his paper bag is alcoholic?

Consider Mr. Raymond's stated reasons for his actions in choosing your response.


A person who drinks more than her family thinks appropriate hides bottles of alcohol in many different places in and around her home (inside a tool box, in a shoe box in the closet, and behind a bush outside the back door, for example) in order to be able to drink when she wants and as much as she wants without upsetting others.


A person who wants to go to college but is expected to start working for his family's restaurant business after graduating high school hides all the brochures and information that he obtains from different universities under his bed mattress and dreams of applying but ultimately goes into the family business to make his parents happy.


A person who has a beautiful body becomes uncomfortable with the amount of attention she receives from men while going about her day to day activities and so decides to deliberately try to gain weight and begins wearing baggy, unremarkable clothing like big sweatshirts in order to disguise her figure and ward off unwanted advances.


A person who self-identifies as gay makes up a story about various relatives in previous generations of his extended family having been gay and tells people he believes it's genetic, even though he as an individual does not believe this and feels it is simply his desire and personal decision to date men instead of women.


A person who had a bad relationship with her parents growing up deliberately never mentions anything about her family of origin to acquaintances or people whom she dates until the relationship has gone on a long time and she feels that she can trust them to understand her choice not to have her parents in her life anymore.

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