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Which of the following examples gives the closest analogy for the form of courage that Atticus says Mrs. Dubose possessed, in Chapter 11?


A mother finds out via routine pregnancy testing that the baby she is carrying has a serious birth defect, but she decides to try to carry it to term anyway and keep it instead of having an abortion.


A college student walking across campus on his way to class sees a gunman waving a firearm in the air and pointing it at people nearby, and he decides to run up behind the man and try to tackle him.


A restaurant employee finds out her boss is being dishonest with customers about where he gets his ingredients and what goes into the food, so she quits her job on the spot and looks for a new one.


A doctor knows that there is little chance of a certain individual recovering fully from his condition, but he holds back on telling the patient and instead encourages him fully to make positive life changes.


A custodian at a high school is harassed everyday by students and faculty who act like she is less than them and who make her job more difficult and nasty, but she continues working her hardest anyway.

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