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Which of the following was most likely NOT a reason the author chose to depict Scout and Jem's mother as having died when Scout was a baby?


It allowed her to keep the narrative focused on Atticus’ values and struggles and on the children’s learning and maturation. Time spent developing a mother character would have distracted from those foci.


It allowed her to depict Atticus as a man who believed in treating all people equally, no matter their income level or skin color. If Atticus’ wife was alive, he would not have been able to hold those beliefs.


It allowed her to depict Scout as an independent girl, on a path to becoming her own kind of woman. If Scout’s mother lived, Scout would likely have received more guidance on what it’s like to be a woman.


It allowed her to portray the children as being very close to their father and to portray Atticus as strongly influencing them. If the mother was alive, their closeness would likely have been somewhat less.


It allowed her to solicit readers’ sympathy for the family, based on their loss, revealed so early in the novel. If the author had not written of the death, readers would feel less tenderness for Atticus and the kids.

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