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Choose the answer that correctly lists, in order, the type of humor exemplified by each of the following 5 moments from the novel:

I. Dill's explanation to Atticus that he won Jem's pants from him playing strip poker.

II. The narrator's depiction of Miss Caroline Fisher's teaching approaches.

III. Scout's entrance onto the stage in her ham costume.

IV. The narrator's description of Atticus' first court case involving the "alleged wrongful detention of a mare."

V. Dill's ringing the bell in Atticus' face when he walks up on the children trying to give Boo a note on the end of a fishing pole.


I - risqué humor
II - satirical humor
III - comedic timing
IV - parodic humor
V - situational humor


I - situational humor
II - parodic humor
III - comedic timing
IV - risqué humor
V - satirical humor


I - comedic timing
II - situational humor
III - risqué humor
IV - satirical humor
V - parodic humor


I - parodic humor
II - comedic timing
III - satirical humor
IV - situational humor
V - risqué humor


I - satirical humor
II - risqué humor
III - parodic humor
IV - comedic timing
V - situational humor

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