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Which of the following fails to explain the significance (or lack thereof of) of the fact that no one called a doctor for Mayella?


Mayella would have benefitted from having her injuries tended to by a doctor. It seems like it would have made sense to call one unless she and/or her father had something to hide.


A doctor who examined Mayella would have been able to testify conclusively that she was raped. It seems like Bob Ewell would have called, unless he had something to hide.


Not calling a doctor for Mayella constitutes a form of child abuse and neglect, for which Bob Ewell will now likely be prosecuted. It seems like if Ewell shouldn't have exposed himself.


If the sheriff didn't call when he arrived on the scene, it would seem to indicate that Mr. Tate had some kind of personal attitude about the situation that prevented him from fully doing his duty.


It may not be indicative of anything that no one called - except of the fact that the Ewells are dirt poor and not in the habit of calling providers of professional services.

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