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Two cell phone towers, towers ‘A’ and ‘B’, lie on an East-West line and are $45\ miles$ apart from each other. A targeted cell phone is $38\ miles$ from tower ‘A’ and $23\ miles$ from tower ‘B’ in a generally northern direction. A 'bearing' measurement is a method of measuring the number of degrees an object is from true north and moving in a clockwise direction. As an example, if an object is due East then it is on a bearing of ${90}^{°}$.

What is the ‘bearing’ of the signal from tower ‘A’ to the cell phone? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a degree.


${ 30.7 }^{ ° }$


${ 32.4 }^{ ° }$


${ 57.8 }^{ ° }$


${ 59.3 }^{ ° }$

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