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There were two buildings, $75\ meters$ apart. Angela (point A) was looking out of her window down at a window washer, (point C) on the opposite building. The angle of depression from her position to the window washer was ${19}^{°}$. The angle of depression from her window to the base of the opposing building was ${53}^{°}$. Brenda (point B) was in the same building as Angela, but she had to look up to see the window washer. Brenda’s room is $25\ meters$ above ground level. (see the figure below)

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What is the angle of elevation ($\theta$) as Brenda looks up at the window washer? (Round to the nearest tenth of a degree)


${ 1.8 }^{ ° }$


${ 40.5 }^{ ° }$


${ 33.3 }^{ ° }$


${ 49.5 }^{ ° }$

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