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A ship leaves port and travels $17 \ miles$ $\text{N}36°\text{E}$. The ship then turns $90°$ and travels $15 \ miles$ on a bearing of $\text{S}54°\text{E}$ and places a marker at this location. The ship then returns to port.

Round all answers to the nearest tenth of a mile or tenth of a degree.

Which of the following statement are true?

I. The total distance traveled​ by the ship is $54.7 \ miles$.
II. The bearing of the marker from the port is $\text{N}41.4°\text{E}$.
III. To return to port after placing the marker, the ship made a $48.6°$ clockwise turn.


None of the statements are true.


I only.


I and II only.


II and III only.


I and III only.


I, II, and III.

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