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The crowds of men who merely spoke the Greek and Latin tongues in the Middle Ages were not entitled by the accident of birth to read the works of genius written in those languages; for these were not written in that Greek or Latin which they knew, but in the select language of literature. They had not learned the nobler dialects of Greece and Rome, but the very material on which they were written were waste paper to them, and they prized instead a cheap contemporary literature.

Choose the statement that best restates the main ideas from this passage.


The spoken language was for a select group of people whereas, the written language was known to most.


The spoken language was understood by most of the people. However, the written language had various dialects that were not accessible to all.


The literature of Greece and Rome was unavailable to the citizens because the spoken language had become too different from the classical language.


The spoken language of Greek and Latin was very different than the written language


The spoken language was common amongst most people. Whereas, the written language was only accessible to the educated.

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