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I was determined to know beans.

Which statement accurately explains the purpose of the rhetorical device used in this quote from "The Bean Field"?


Thoreau personifies the word beans, giving them a human quality in effort to allow a connection between Thoreau and his beans.


Thoreau uses beans as a metaphor. Metaphorically, the beans represent all of nature and the connection Thoreau worked tirelessly to have with the natural world.


Thoreau refrained from any complexities in thought or presentation of idea. The syntactically precise statement was to inform the reader that he set out to do one thing: “to know beans”.


Thoreau uses a pun to play on the meaning of beans: the literal meaning, in the cultivation of beans, and the negation of the idiom “not to know beans.” Thoreau endeavored to know beans at the rudimentary level.


Thoreau uses beans as a metonym. Beans are the representation of all. The literal meaning would be translated to: I was determined to know all.

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