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“The Harivansa says, ‘An abode without birds is like a meat without seasoning.’ Such was not my abode, for I found myself suddenly neighbor to the birds; not by having imprisoned one, but having caged myself near them.”

Based on the passage, what inference can be made regarding Thoreau's relationship with nature?


The passage supports Thoreau's intention to coexist with nature and live a tranquil simple life avoiding confinement and materialism.


The passage supports Thoreau's purpose for moving to the woods. To be one with nature in its most basic form.


The passage strongly supports the inference that Thoreau has a deep respect for nature and feels an almost spiritual connection with his environment.


The passage supports Thoreau's views on consumption. One only needs the simple fuel to survive- extra spice is not necessary.


The passage strongly suggests that living in nature, although, beautiful the feeling of confinement is still ever present.

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