AP Computer Science A vs. AP Computer Science Principles: Which Should You Take?

If you’re looking for a way to challenge yourself academically, enrolling in AP classes is a great place to start. Not only can you gain college credit at a dramatically reduced price, you can also take your comprehension and analysis skills to the test. Naturally, as you approach high school graduation, you’ll begin to mull over what your next steps in life will be—towards a particular vocation or towards higher education. Enrolling in AP courses lets you discover inner passions that can lead to these future decisions.

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One Month AP Computer Science Study Guide

From classes and algorithms to data structures and encapsulation, AP Computer Science can be overwhelming. In a single year, you have to understand Java, memorize tons of classes and APIs, and learn to solve difficult computer science problems.

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How the AP Computer Science Principles Course Provides Teachers Flexibility

Most students who sign up for AP Computer Science do so because they love computers or they love programming. These students feel right at home in the course because they get a comprehensive overview of programming in Java. It’s a rigorous class meant for students who are passionate about programming.

But what about the students who have never tried programming? Why would these students sign up to take a rigorous course to learn a skill they know nothing about? These students would benefit from a class that focuses not just on programming, but the computer science field as a whole.

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